5 Core Benefits of Tech Integration in Education

The 21st century is synonymous with the tech age. The world is coming closer, and every sector and industry nowadays is experiencing a steady dominance by technology and its allied inputs. The field of education has chosen not to stay behind in the race, and the sector is swiftly joining the bandwagon in the interest of students and their bright careers.

This is, in fact, one of the prime reasons why we at LPS Global School, ranked among the top schools in Noida, always strive to stay up-to-date with this need of the hour by brainstorming tech alternatives and coming up with on-point technological infusions. The idea is to help prepare children to successfully manage the many tech challenges and opportunities that the world has in store.

So today, we are listing below the top five ways that we are working with technology to strengthen the overall education framework at our institution. We will also shed light on how technological integration is benefitting our students and helping them unlock the best of their abilities.

  • Tech Integrated Campus for Secure Learning

When you, as parents, send your children to school, don’t you wish to be relieved from the worries about your child’s safety and security? This is where it helps to have a tech-enabled, in-built system that can help keep a check on children’s whereabouts in the school.

On this front, we at LPS Global School receive a ten on ten, all thanks to the Central Monitoring System consisting of CCTVs that help in overseeing the functioning in and around the school building. We believe this form of tech integration is rather necessary in any educational institution as it helps with optimizing children’s performance while allowing parents to give children the freedom to choose what is best for them within the confines of the school.

  • Smart Classrooms to Support Interactive Learning

One of the foremost benefits of tech integration in the education sector is the way it aids in carving a path that encourages interactive learning. It helps move from the traditional form of monologue-based learning to a learning module that supports the give-and-take of information and the liberty to ask questions.

We at LPS Global School have made it a point to supplement traditional learning at our institution with the use of smart boards to support a rightful mix of theoretical and practical knowledge dissemination while contributing to the learning graph of the students.

  • Parent Portal to Ensure the Necessary Parental Involvement

If we had to name one area where education had been seen lagging, it has to be with respect to parental involvement in the process of education and learning. It has been seen a lot that while teachers in most schools make an effort to groom students beyond the scope of textbooks, the parents continue to remain clueless about the way ahead as far as working with and around children is concerned. This is where technology has come to the forefront as an efficient solution in the form of parent portals.

We at LPS Global School are using a Parent Portal to keep the parents informed as well as involved in the learning process of their children. The portal also works as a guiding light for the parents, helping them move consistently forward in their child’s learning graph.

  • Mobile App to Keep Crucial Information on the Fingertips

For children to flourish in the area of education, it is necessary that they are able to access resources and general news related to their school even when they are not physically present in the school. For the longest time, this seemed like a distant possibility, mainly because tech influence wasn’t a thing in the area of education.

However, we at LPS Global School decided to set the right example by introducing a mobile app that helps keep school-related information at the fingertips of both students and parents, which are accessible to them from any part of the world.

  • Tech-Based Awareness – The Primary Need of the Hour

Speaking about tech-based integration in the area of education, we cannot miss emphasizing upon the need for tech-based awareness for 21st-century kids. We believe this is necessary so that children do not feel under-equipped or out of place when working around technology. However, the goal here shouldn’t be just to focus on the “what” and “how” of technology. What is equally or more important is to highlight the “why.” This shall act as a sure-shot way of getting children interested in technology. They would then avoid shying away from this new-age invention. After all, knowledge and familiarization with technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today’s rapidly evolving world.

Tech Integration with Education is the Way Forward!

As a parent, if you have chosen to overlook the need to admit your child to a school that supports tech integration, you may have to reconsider your decision. What makes us say so is that once your children pass out from school to join a higher education institute or step into the corporate world, they will have no option but to work around technology.

The inability to do so will narrow down their growth chances, as not many entities would want to invest in offering tech education to such students and employees. Such individuals might come across as incompetent, which can further demotivate them and make them question their abilities.

Being one of the top schools in Noida, we at LPS Global School would never want our students to be in such a spot. This is why we have taken necessary care and timely steps to integrate technology as a pivotal part of our educational framework and pedagogy. We are striving to make technology a part and parcel of our students’ lives, and we are certain it will help them a great deal going ahead.