LPS Global School Noida Blog Instilling a Global Perspective in Children is the Need of the Hour

Instilling a Global Perspective in Children is the Need of the Hour

“Victory is won not in miles, but in inches, Win a little now, hold your ground & later win a little more.”-Louis L’ Amour

There is extensive chatter going on these days about how swiftly the world is coming closer.While this process, which we popularly know as globalization, is helping to strengthen economies across the globe, it has made it far more important than ever before to instilla global perspective in our children.

Be it for the sake of further education or to aid them indeveloping a career beyond the set domestic boundaries;it isn’t a rare sight to witness our youth preferring to make a move to global territories. As such, it’s no longer just wise but rather necessary to start early on and make the children aware of the value system as well as the work culture that’s followed beyond our domestic boundaries.

At LPS Global School, one of the top schools in Noida, we understand this pretty well and thus work towards infusing the young minds at our institute with a global perspective. To do so, we have adopted a student-first approach that focuses on developing the individual personalities of our students while making them tap into a rightful mix of national and international curricula.

Inclusivity – A Pre-Requisite to Thrive Globally

We at LPS Global School stronglysupport a learning culture that supports inclusivity. We understand that every child learns differently. Most importantly, every child has a completely different bent of mind.

This is something we take very seriously, and this is exactly why everything at our institute is personalized to global standards, from the institute’s architecture to the teaching pedagogy.No matter which country our students are headed to, they are sure to be successful in whatever endeavors they take up, as they would be equipped with the skills to flourish among cross-cultural teams.

Freedom of Choice – A Vital Component in Instilling Global Perspective

Do you know that between 2020 and 2021, a 41% rise was registered in the number of students moving abroad to meet their global dreams?If we talk specifically about India, the country has continued to rank second to China as far as the popularity of international courses is concerned.

Of course, children have their own reasons for moving abroad. While the attractive salary packages pull some, others aresmitten by the quality of education. There are some who choose to travel abroad to pursue niche courses that international universities offer, while a decent percentage of students primarilydesire international exposure.

Whatever the drive, we at LPS Global School believe that the mere decision to choose to walk in the lap of an unknown location abroad calls for an early global perspective. Only a child who has understood the vitality of cross-border transformation, both in terms of education and perception, can take that step successfully.

However, packing your bags and going to a foreign country is not enough. What follows is the need to survive without panic or hesitance. This is whywe at LPS Global School have made it a point to prepare children early on and make them able to voice their opinions and make their views heard. How? Through the Debating Club, that invites students to join the bandwagon and get their opinion meter rolling.

Furthermore, we firmly believe that another aspect that determines a person’s ability to thrive globally is communication skills. This is one area where LPS Global School invests heavily. The goal is to help students feel confident as they speak their mind. This is followed by self-motivation to express themselves without fearing the outcome. Steps in this direction are deemed necessary so that survival and success both come collectively when our students choose to pursue their higher studies abroad or move to a foreign location for professional purposes.We boast of a well- qualified school counsellor who expertly guides our students about the steps involved in applying to foreign universities, including preparation for SAT, ACT & TOEFL.

Global Perspective – Beyond the Physical Wall

At LPS Global School, we have our reasons sorted as far as hosting smart classrooms, and a well-stocked library is concerned.  Of course, one of our primary goals is to fuel children’s curiosity and contribute to their learning graph. However, looking beyond the obvious, the goal is to prepare children for the future, whether or not they wish to move abroad for studies or a living.

With more and more organizations nowadays opting for a collaborative approach to keep competition at bay, it is not long before individuals choose to work within national boundaries but have to serve an international client or partner.

This is why we at LPS Global School have ensuredto look beyond the physical wall and infuse a global perspective among our students so that they feel equipped at every leg of their career cycle.

Being one of the top schools in Noida, we at LPS Global School sow the seeds of “Strive, Seek, Find” among our students to make sure that they rise above limited thinking and low self-worth. This shows up in them holding high confidence, and a never give up attitude. The ultimate aim is to highlight the fact that achieving victory is not as difficult as it is made- out to be.

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