Career Counselling is the need of the hour! In early years students usually pick up the direction in which they are driven by the teacher.Teachers are catalysts and can guide students to decide the destination. They help them make the right choices and identify where the students’ aptitude and interest lies. Counsellors, on the other hand, can work with students to actually get them there. The synergy of both working in tandem is critical to helping a student realize his potential.

The world is full of opportunities and very few students are aware of this. There are a plethora of professions one can take up.It is here that Career counselling and career guidance becomes very pertinent. Making it a part of classroom experience is very important.

As school facilitators at LPS Global School, we help students realise their potential by energizing and guiding them correctly. We identify every student’s aptitude and counsel them to pick the path that is best suited. This cannot be achieved without making Career Counselling one of the major components of the school & educational experience.Career counselling is the process of guiding students on the path to self-discovery and self-realization, working with them patiently, supporting them as they weed out self-doubt and make surer decisions based on their interests, leading to long-term satisfaction with their choices and a life lived with purpose.

Behavioural & Social Counselling:

LPS Global School aims to give a healthier and happier life to all the students. The school believes in UNIQUENESS OF EVERY INDIVIDUAL. It is a student centred institution where the holistic development of all the students is supreme. The school has provided its students with a right kind of environment  to assist them for overcoming their emotional issues. Apart from Career Counselling, Behavioural and Social Counselling of children at the right time and age are equally important. Behavioural Counselling is focused on human behaviour and looks to eradicate unwanted or maladaptive behaviour. Typically, this type of counselling is used for those with behavioural problems or mental health conditions that involve unwanted or unacceptablebehaviour, like addictions, anxiety, phobias and obsessive – compulsive disorder. The behaviour itself is the problem and the goal is to teach people new behaviour to minimize or eliminate the issue.

Social counselling acts as a mediator between students looking for advice and the responsible offices. Students with a disability are offered support by the social counselling for all questions related to studying and living a happy social life.School counsellors, social workers, psychologists and community mental health workers (those who can provide personal/social counselling services) also provide help to both cyberbullies and their targets in the form of responsive services. These can help students to better understand the consequences of their actions, find better ways to resolve anger and conflict, and make more thoughtful and responsible choices about social interactions.

With the student centric and futuristic approach, the management and entire staff of LPS Global School, Noida look forward to produce quality global citizens, by catering standard education as well as values that would help them cope with all the situations of life.