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The LPS Global school in Noida is a world-class educational institution with amenities and facilities at par with the best in the world. LPS Global school has been awarded as the Best CBSE school in Noida sector 107 around for the last 4 years. The School is also been awarded as the Best Pre nursery school in Noida sector 107 around. As per many articles and lists, LPS Global School leads under the top 10 (ten) schools in Noida affiliated to CBSE.

The best school in Noida sector 107 around LPS global school is the one-stop solution for you. The LPS Global school Noida sector 51 has been established under the aegis of Sita Devi Memorial Shiksha Sansthan, Noida. The chain of schools, the Society wishes to open, will emphasize on inquisitiveness, constructive thinking, and imbue the children with an indomitable spirit. The students passing through the portals of the school will glow from inside and will have an inexhaustible stock of moral oxygen. The search for the top CBSE school in Noida sector 107 around will surely lead you to LPS Global School.

It is not only the top school in sector 107 around but also the best CBSE school in Noida sector 51.


This CBSE school is the top international school in Noida sector 107 around offering world-class infrastructure and the best CBSE Curriculum. The school building is adorned with vibrant colours, open, yet secure places with CCTVs all around the campus. LPS has been nominated for the best global school in Noida sector 107 around. For small children, the school boasts of soft flooring. Sharp edges have been avoided lest children hurt themselves.

The school buses are GPS enabled and are fitted with CCTV cameras to ensure the utmost safety of a child during transit.


The LPS Global School is well recognised as a best international school in Noida 107 around for its approach towards the holistic development of a child. A staff of highly qualified and well-trained teachers ensure that education is imparted using the best curated curriculum and state of the art technology which will benefit the child.

LPS Global School Noida as the top international school in Noida 107 around believes in learning by exploration and almost all the curriculum is geared up towards building language readiness, communication skills, promotion of cognitive development, math readiness as well as theme-based concept time. A child’s education means a child’s grooming, enhancing his knowledge, exposing him to different ideas, and introducing him/her to the environment around him…in a nutshell, his/her all round holistic development.

Adhering to the standards of best international CBSE school in Noida sector 107 around, our curriculum is designed in such a way that it guarantees a smooth shift to formal schooling with meaningful as well as progressive learning experiences, he or she will get involved in different activities that will help in the overall development of the child and also ensure that motor, social as well as aesthetic skill development is encouraged.

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