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LPS Global School – Enabling Young Minds to Unleash Their True Potential

  Children are unique in their own selves, and so are their abilities. What is important is to identify these abilities and motivate children to work in the direction of further polishing these traits. We at LPS Global School, ranked among the top ten schools in Noida, firmly believe that such identification works wonders not […]

A Teacher’s Role in Building the Education Impartation Quality at a School

“Teachers encourage minds to think, hands to create, and hearts to love.” Right from the early childhood days, children spend the majority of their time in school, learning through classroom teaching, observations, and experiences. Speaking about learning, we can confidently state that a teacher’s qualities and abilities are pivotal in helping children learn better. This […]

Can Technology Replace Teachers?

Just recently, we have walked out of the pandemic. When the pandemic was at its peak, the education sector saw a major transition. Schools had to shut down abruptly to avoid in-person contact and prevent further spread of the virus. The only way out was to float online lessons so that deprivation of education could […]

Online vs. Offline Learning: Challenges and Changes

Covid – 19 has changed the world. Since then, everything has become online, be it shopping, interaction, offices, colleges, and schooling. The change has been very challenging and is the ‘new normal. And with it, the education sector has changed as well. Therefore, it feels both positive and as well as negative in terms of […]

Experiential Learning – Only Way to Transform

Experiential learning focuses on the idea that the best way to learn things is by actually having experiences. Those experiences then stick out in our minds and help us retain information and remember facts. As per global studies across students, professionals, and officials, the levels of knowledge gained by an average person are 10% of […]

Social Quotient – Opening New Avenues

Decoding these terms which we will keep referring to, SQ stands for Social Quotient, IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient and EQ stands for Emotional Quotient. It is basically a quantified measure of your social abilities, your cognitive intelligence, and your emotional intelligence respectively. SQ is often used synonymously with IQ and EQ, however, as propounded […]

Staying Positive in A Virtual World

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” – Helen Keller Positive thinking isn’t about burying every negative thought or emotion you have or avoiding difficult feelings. The lowest points in our lives often motivate us to move on and make positive changes. Virtual worlds can be used in all schools […]

Imparting the Gift of Education Ethically

Imparting education is one of the most gratifying tasks …… It is a gift for those who come under its purview. And it is a blessing given straight by the hand of God himself. Here we have the case study of L.P.S. Global School. This tower of education has the very capable Mahuya Mandal as […]

What is the Ideal Age for a Child to Start Primary School in India?

Children are precious to every parent and therefore the parents try to give their best. Parents in India are often worried about the right age for their children to start going to primary school. Due to the existing rat race in the world, the parents start thinking of starting primary school as early as possible. […]

Factors You Need to Consider While Choosing a Good Preschool for Your Children

While selecting preschools, choosing the best school in Noida is not an easy task. There are numerous schools that can confuse you with their highlights. LPS Global School is one of the best schools in Noida for your children which will not only make your child ready for primary school but also help them to build […]