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Instilling a Global Perspective in Children is the Need of the Hour

“Victory is won not in miles, but in inches, Win a little now, hold your ground & later win a little more.”-Louis L’ Amour There is extensive chatter going on these days about how swiftly the world is coming closer.While this process, which we popularly know as globalization, is helping to strengthen economies across the […]

The Art of Debating & Its Role in Child Development

The art of debating has gradually taken over as a necessary inclusion in the recruitment and selection industry. It is considered a vital criterion for the selection of candidates for key roles in corporates. Even though most people see debating as a new-age concept, the first roots of this activity can be traced to Ancient […]


Career Counselling is the need of the hour! In early years students usually pick up the direction in which they are driven by the teacher.Teachers are catalysts and can guide students to decide the destination. They help them make the right choices and identify where the students’ aptitude and interest lies. Counsellors, on the other […]

The Connection Between Music & Cognitive Development in Children

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words.”– Victor Hugo Music and humans have always had a strong correlation. Haven’t you seen how newborn babies respond to lullabies? Or haven’t you yourself ever experienced how listening tore laxing tunes helps soothe the mind? That’s so because music has a very strong impact on how […]

Significance of Student Diversity in Building Education Quality

Living in a country like India, we can seldom ignore the impact and influence of diversity. If you are currently working in a professional setup, you must already know how focused HR professionals are on recruiting a diverse workforce. This only highlights the need for a job seeker/new-age entrepreneur to make peace with diversity. We […]

Discipline Paves the Way to a Brighter Future

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn. The early years of life constitute the phase when the mind is in its most pliable form. This is probably why the wise insist on introducing children to vital life skills and personality traits early on. One such essential trait is discipline. If we […]

Significance of Child-Centric Pedagogy for 21st-Century Learners

We all know about the reel-life heroes we see on screen. But what if we ask you who are the real heroes who create modern leaders? Isn’t it obvious? It’s the parents! Their undying support, unwavering patience, and unconditional love and guidance mold children into pillars of modern society. However, the truth is that in […]

Key Elements That Impact the Academic Performance of Children

If you are a parent to a school-going child, you certainly understand the importance of securing decent academic grades. Of course, this achievement is not restricted to being a school ranker but becomes excessively vital when children grow up and start looking for a job. You must be well aware that the memory retention capacity […]

Instilling the Love for Learning in Children

Learning and development go hand in hand. The more you expand your learning horizons and dive deeper into the sea of knowledge, the more likely you are to achieve greater feats in life. However, for the learning process to be really effective, it is important that the interest to learn evokes from within and is […]

Impartation Quality Education at a School- What is the Teacher’s Role?

“Teachers encourage minds to think, hands to create, and hearts to love.” Right from the early childhood days, children spend the majority of their time in school, learning through classroom teaching, observations, and experiences. Speaking about learning, we can confidently state that a teacher’s qualities and abilities are pivotal in helping children learn better. This […]