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What is the Ideal Age for a Child to Start Primary School in India?


Children are precious to every parent and therefore the parents try to give their best. Parents in India are often worried about the right age for their children to start going to primary school. Due to the existing rat race in the world, the parents start thinking of starting primary school as early as possible. However, that should not be the case.

Children are blessed with diverse talents and abilities. So, one should let their children explore themselves and their abilities before they start going to school. You would easily find a primary school in Noida, but you should know when to start schooling for your child.

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Why primary schooling is important?

Primary school life is crucial in every child’s life because it is that point of the time when they get to meet new friends and explore the world outside. Before schooling starts, the children are confined to their homes and parents. As they start going to school, they are able to meet new people like teachers, classmates, parents of their classmates, and many more.

They learn to behave and understand how to talk to people other than family members. LPS Global School is a primary school in Noida sector 50 where children are nurtured and prepared for their future.

Factors that would help you to decide on the right age

As per MHRD, 3 years is the right age to start primary school and LPS Global School is the top primary school in Noida following the same norm. However, if you defy this thumb rule, the following factors would help you to take your decision.

Social skills – Check the social skills of your child. If your child has been able to develop social skills, then he/she would be able to interact smoothly with teachers and classmates. If they are able to initiate a conversation or reply to a question asked, then that is the right time for them to start school.

Cognitive development – Cognitive skills involve the learning ability of your child to understand things. Your child would be ready for school only when he/she is able to engage with the class and retain the necessary information. Your child should be attentive enough to accept the transition from home to school.

Emotional development – LPS Global School is a primary school in Noida sector 50. You can opt for this school only when emotional development is visible in your child. They should be able to express their emotions to their teachers and fellow classmates.

Now that you know how to determine the right age to start school for your child, you should always check for the required skills. Before you download the application form from a top primary school in Noida, understand whether your child is ready for school or he/she still needs time.

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