Imparting the Gift of Education Ethically

Imparting education is one of the most gratifying tasks …… It is a gift for those who come under its purview. And it is a blessing given straight by the hand of God himself. Here we have the case study of L.P.S. Global School. This tower of education has the very capable Mahuya Mandal as its Principal, guiding from the hilt. This dynamic lady, a UGC-NET qualified, JRFrecipient, is a topper in English Literature from Presidency College who forayed into the world of school education after teaching in Central universities and various colleges affiliated to the Delhi university, believes in putting her very best effort into this edifice of knowledge and in rolling out children who excel in their line of work. Located in Noida, this school presently has approximately 500 students on its rolls. With exceedingly high work standards, the Principal and her efficient team have managed to upgrade the school into its present coveted status. Manish Yadav with credible degrees such as B.Tech, IIT Delhi, M.Act.SC, and University of Waterloo under his belt is the Chairman. A highly-qualified academician, he is the pulse and the heartbeat of this institutions’. Arora with accredited laurels like M.A, P.G C.E (U.K) is the Vice-Chairman. A stalwart who takes immense interest and pride in the school, he is the go-to anchorage for all important matters here. He, in tandem with the other head honchos, has turned this school into an abode of academic excellence and holistic development of young minds.

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The student-teacher ratio here is 15:1 and this is a strong plus point that truly highlights the sincere workthat is being done to bring out the very best in all the students who come to this august institution for furthering their educational pursuits. L.P.S. Global School, interestingly, has also received the award for the “Best upcoming school” of Noida by the Education Today magazine. Child-centric education and individual attention given to each and every student is a hallmark here. The academically weak students receive a specialized support system that helps them come within the echelons of the brilliant ones. The L.P.S. Global School students consistently win a number of awards and citations in events and competitions all across the landscape.

Students of LPS Global School Noida recently participated in NAVACHAAR under the Atal Innovation Mission, an initiative of NITI Aayog, Government of India and won the first and third prizes.

The vision and the mission statement here is to focus on academic excellence and the overall development of the students. Says the Principal, brewing with confidence, “our teaching staff work day and night to ensure that the most credible skill set are given to the students. We try to tap their inherent potential to the maximum possible”.

Giving a hint into the modern day educational practices, she enthusiastically remarks that “hybrid education is here to stay and is the order of the times nowadays”. Apps like Padlet, Nearpod, and Kahoot aid and abet the teaching ranks in building a rock-solid basis and make judicious use of the latest technology. In this school, extra classes are regularly conducted from 2.30 to 4 p.m. to help spruce up the subjects in which certain students may be lagging behind. It is a firm belief in the L.P.S. ramparts that a certain degree of homework must be given to the students so that they can practice and perfect whatever is taught to them during the school hours. Nominated amongst the Topmost ten best schools in Noida, “we believe in empowering students to create solutions for tomorrow’s challenges”, echoes the School Head.

The faculty is empowered and involved, and very strategic and innovative teaching methodologies are employed in these premises. An Art and Craft studio, an all-weather indoor swimming pool, and Science and Mathematics labs are some of its trailblazing traits. Then again, a language lab, infirmary, music and dance studio, day care facility, etc. all are some other characteristic features of this school that is getting good reviews from all and sundry. Established under the aegis of the Sita Devi Memorial Shiksha Sansthan, this world-class edifice of excellence is architecturally sensitized to the requirements of children.

The core philosophy here revolves around inculcating values like integrity, courage, empathy, and excellence in all that is done and achieved. The school management takes cognizance of a high level of parental involvement so that there are absolutely no lacunae in comprehending the needs and issues faced by the students enrolled here. The primary buildup in the school lays equivalent emphasis on developing multiple intelligence and emotional intelligence, on leadership cultivation, plethora of co-curricular activities including instrumental music, athletics, et al, extensive sporting programs like table tennis, basketball, volleyball, yoga, chess, lawn tennis, skating, gymnastics, badminton, and the like. The entire aura that surrounds the pristine environs of the L.P.S. Global School is pure, child-friendly, and heartwarming. One can immediately sense a total adherence to quality, good standards, and class when one is here. Thus, this in itself gives a big fillip to maintaining ethical standards and practices and in inculcating principles that are of immense use and utility in the student community.